Our Vision

To bridge the gap between crypto and outdoors, using our engaging xHUNTER 3D game and our live Intense outdoor tournaments.

How Are We Going To Achieve Our Vision


Community Focused

Our main focus is to grow a strong community of passionate members and most importantly putting them before anyone else.
Maintaining and updating our systems from an end user perspective is one of our core philosophies.

NFT Ecosystem System

xHUNTER is inspired by the outdoors. We want people to experience the adrenaline rush of Outdoor tournaments virtually from the comfort of their homes. The xHUNTER NFT Ecosystem is designed to ensure that holders of XHT and players of xHUNTER GAME experience the best of both worlds of the outdoors and block-chain gaming world.


Blockchain technology is the future in a myriad of ways

This isn’t just another meme coin. We are a legitimate business with serious, provable plans of action to generate multiple streams of dependable income for the foreseeable future.

About Us

The strongest aspect of our platform is our strategic planning in marketing. 

Our strategies enable us to maintain high levels of publicity in a perpetual cycle, regardless of market conditions.

Our IT team has over 20 years of experience and is constantly pursuing the promotion of blockchain technology as mainstream and accessible to all.

We believe that the world deserves a better way to balance itself.

Making blockchain technology more mainstream and accessible to all

The xHunter

We are passionate investors in the blockchain space, and have been disappointed seeing innocent people being scammed or ‘rug pulled’ by those of unscrupulous nature.

This is the reason why one of our core principles is to never see such pain inflicted onto anyone under our watch.

Meet Our Team

Moudi (CEO)

Moudi discovered his visionary nature at a young age, which he has continued to nurture and express, evidenced in the numerous successful enterprises in his career thus far.

Abdul kadir profile pic

Abdul Qadir Khan (CTO)

Abdul has a stunning track record as a successful commodities and forex trader, having gained in-depth knowledge of bonds and derivates trading in the corporate banking and finance sectors.

Mohammad (COO)

Mohammad is an avid enthusiast of the great outdoors, who loves to take an active role in not only its exploration, but also in conceptualizing its connection to industry.